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Pope type

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Pope type

The pope unwind is built to work directly with the shaft of the paper machine. The loading is done with a crane. the joint between the brake and the reel shaft is made with a pneumatic system. The brake can be made by a pneumatic brake or by an AC motor. Milltex produce a special type with integrated the pope unwind and the shaftless pick up unwind.

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Top type

Shaftless Unwinds to taken the reels directly from floor. The expanding shaft are made with a automatically mechanically system of expansion. The brake can be in one side or two side by pneumatic brake or by motor. The web tension control can be made by degressive system or by load cell. The expanding shafts can be with one diameter per type or with two diameter each. They are available with all the core diameters possible. The reel introduction can be made from left / right side or from back side

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Pickup type

Unwinds PICK-UP type, normally located at the rear of the sheeters or rear of the slitter rewinder.

The up and down movements are all hydraulic and are directly controlled from the console by selectors that control the solenoid valves.

The axial movements of the arms are made by two and can be controlled separately.

The reels is centred ( simultaneous axial movement of the two reel-holder arms) by hydraulic cylinders of the on the reel-holder arms.

The gripping spindles carry two mechanical expanding devices designed to go into reel core.

The reel braking occurs by servoventilated air cooled pneumatic brakes.

The brake is placed at the outer and of the reel-holder spindles and are therefore directly controlled by the reel rotation.

The brakes are controlled in order deep constant the pull of the paper web being unwound.

This operation occurs thanks to be decreasing calculation system placed on the panel control.

The operator has to set the required driving values in kg by digitising them on the keyboard, after that the keeping constant of the driving power will happen automatically.

Special unwinds type
Unwinds with central arms. With this type of unwinds is possible to cut 2 reels contemporarily even if with different diameters