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Internet Assistance

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Milltex has already established an innovative internet assistance service, designed and created in order that customers can carry out various activities in real time that were previously only possible if a Milltex technician was on site.
Today the remoteness of an installation is not important since the machine can be controlled and managed directly from our office.
Our system does not use hardware connections or expensive and limited remote servicing systems requiring modems and a direct phone connection. Today we can control your electronic cards in real time, modify firmware, parameterise drives and carry out modifications on the PLC from our office or from anywhere our technicians are located. Our customer must simply connect to the Milltex World Internet Assistance link, click on the connection confirmation button and type in the password to login. That’s it!
After disconnection this operation must be repeated to reconnect.
Our technician is placed immediately in control of the station that becomes the computer, effecting audio communication via the keyboard, this enables the operator at the plant to speak directly with our technician and make changes to the connected system.