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Men and instruments for technological innovation

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Milltex SpA

Milltex established in 1987 began business with the rebuilding of equipment for the paper industry increasing the quality and the quantity of the production.. Using the experience the founding partners acquired in engineering and construction of special machines, gradually shifted to operating area to offer the current range of converting machinery for paper and cardboard in paper mills and converters . Particularly Milltex is able to construct and deliver the following machines.

  • Syncro sheeters
  • Syncro sheeters
  • Slitters rewinders
  • Embossing – wrapping
  • Unwinding
  • Transport and handling paper rolls
  • Accessories for the paper industry

The study and design of plant and machinery which they are composed is followed by internal engineers, using computer programs for mechanical design based on AutoCAD. The archive drawings can provide for spare parts and commercial spare parts for the period of use of the machinery. The professional training of our technical, sales and administrative staff combined with a challenging and rewarding working environment has resulted in a minimum turn-over. This has safeguarded the continuity and strategies of the company.


Milltex highly qualified team make courses of instruction for operators and maintenance staff to make know the product and to optimize its operation. Our technicians follow courses each year to stay ahead of new technologies to be applied to the cutting paper products and new materials to us


A team of specialized technicians supplies a post-sale service with fast response times and maximum willingness to intervene directly in the customer company at any time. Milltex is continuing to invest in the know-how to ensure a prompt response to today's production requirements by offering a superior Service Department for spare parts availability In some countries where, there are already many machines on the area, Milltex has created a local technical staff trained in the Italian head office workings in order to minimize the time of any stops.


The Milltex technical office is equipped with stations CAD and personal qualified for plans and personalize the machine suiting her for the specific demands of the customer.


The department mechanical workmanshipsit is able to build all the particular mechanics that compose the produced machineries. Her utensils machine to numerical control guarantee elevated degrees of precision, essential precisions for the good operation of the produced machineries.
Every produced piece is submitted to a control quality to certify its fitness to the assemblage. The controls that every piece suffers concern:
- Aspect visual exterior
- Dimensions and respect of the tolerances of workmanship
- Superficial treatments
- Dynamic balancing (only for organs in rotation)


The company Milltex S.p.A. is present in the market not simply as a machinery and plants supplier.
The rapid development of its structure, the enlargement of its intervention fields and the success of its solutions allow to describe the company without any doubt as a partner supplying technological innovations: these are the result of the synthesis of its men's experience, of the ideas they produce and of the instruments the company chooses for their fulfilment.
Milltex men are professionists who have matured their first-class experience in advanced sectors of industrial machinery production and automation. Personnel without previous professional experience enter the company through the INITIAL TRAINING division and, after this necessary training period, pass to the productive units and the task force of the different departments. Men's work and unifying team-spirit have contributed in making the Milltex a leading company in its field.
The result Milltex likes the most is the continuity of the relations with Customers, both for the solutions and for the general choices the company offers. This is the result of trusting a company based on professionality, efficiency and care not only for big plants installation but also for a simple suggestion to the custormer.


Milltex care for its customers is shown not only in the range of products it offers, but especially in the search of the most suitable solution for the customer's requirements.
Milltex has reached this exceptional result in service completeness choosing the way of customers' global assistance in the choice of solutions for the development of the specific applications in order to meet its customers' requirements.
Even the constructive characteristic of the plants, completely modifiable during planning, helps to reach the result. Plants are projected in relation to the progressive growth and to the possibility of convertion from a performance to another, according to the development of customers' needs.


Cross cutters for paper and cardboards and industrial machinery in general have worked for years thanks to the operator's deep involvement; therefore productivity has always been proportional to the operator's experience.
Milltex has proposed an aim to itself: to create machines as reliable as possible with high productivity but not controlled by the operator's skill in order to make them accessible to all the companies, even without specialized personnel, having the requirements of mechanizing their productive departments.
Milltex production is computerized for an easy and quick programming and for a constant control of the productive characteristics


When Milltex offers a solution this is not simply for the machinery supply or for the productive line; the company also guarantees a timely technical assistance.
Milltex can meet any kind of requirement as soon as possible in every part of the world, thanks to the Promp Intervention service supported by an efficient and well supplied spare parts store.
The immediate intervention when a problem arises, even if not serious, guarantees the safeguard of the customer's investment.
Milltex has organized an assistance department with personnel trained to solve customers' problems and requirements


Milltex has chosen the way of innovation because innovation is a good investment when it answers today also the requirements of tomorrow.
Milltex proposals dont' look just at the immediate needs; moreover, Milltex aim is not to sell a machine, but to solve its customers' problems.
Milltex proposals are projected into the future because they aim at global and dynamic results.
Each innovative process requires companies to undertake long term checks on the choices made in the short term.
The evolution of the company's mechanization is one of this choice, which is to be made with the awareness that the best solution is not a standard product, but the dynamic and evolving result of a constant relation between the company and the supplier, who can be defined as a thorough partner: both of them aim at the optimisation of the final result.


Milltex is located in Ronco Campo Canneto that is member of Parma district, and is developed on an area of 15500 square meters of which 4,500 are covered. Milltex realize the assemblies of all its equipment inside its structure. Construction and the final assembly stages, are followed by highly qualified professional technicians whose ability is enhanced by extensive experience in the paper industry.

Via Bertolotta, 62 – Ronco Campo Canneto
43010 Trecasali – PARMA – Italy
Tel +39 0521 874030 – 371003
Fax +39 0521 874029
E-mail: milltex@milltex.it